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A semi-retired chemical engineer, Everett Knell is the principal of Health & Life Plans 4 less, and his philosophy is to serve his client’s needs by maximizing insurance and retirement plan benefits while staying within their budget. He so much enjoys helping folks navigate the bewildering forest of finding affordable health insurance, (Obamacare), life insurance, and retirement savings plans, that he continues working at the tender age of 68.

Everett is an Independent Health & Life Insurance Broker who seeks out the lowest cost plans with the best benefits for his clients. Their satisfaction is his #1 goal. Typically, you will save 30-50% on health insurance premiums, receive excellent benefits, and your deductible and out-of-pocket expenses, and coinsurance for physical injuries and major illnesses will be lowered to about $100.

Everett deals only with products where you cannot lose any money. His philosophy does not include investing in Securities like stocks and mutual funds that are really Insecurities, where you can lose all of your money in the stock market, but to save in safe vehicles. Over the last 10 years, the market has been level or down. He can show you how to get 8% to 12% tax-advantaged returns and sleep at night knowing that your retirement money is safe.

At Health & Life Plans 4 less we look out for your best interests as we do for all of our clients. The recent health care legislation, the so-named Patient Protection and Affordability Act (PPACA) has given us all some near term benefits, but with extra costs, and we will guide you through the maze of these new regulations. We have many happy clients who enjoy the best benefits while saving money on their health and life insurance and retirement savings plans. We save you money on health insurance, and show you how to put the savings into your life insurance and safe retirement savings plans.

We don’t pitch anything you don’t need, and want your confidence to establish a lifelong relationship for your insurance and retirement savings; especially if you are worried about outliving your retirement savings.

Zero-risk retirement savings plans is a specialty that grow tax-deferred and pay out tax-free; business owners can also make tax deductible contributions that result in a totally tax-free retirement savings plan. Compared to an IRA or 401-k, where at the end, the gains are taxable; the contributions are tax deductible and the retirement income is tax-free. Bottom line is you can’t beat FREE!

Send Everett an email: Ev@EverettKnell.com

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